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Our Organization

The Sound of Animals trace its beginnings to over a decade ago when Michael Chour arrived in Buriram, Thailand and was immediately drawn to the dog meat trade that was still legal and in existence in Thailand at the time. Through the years, he became an advocate of the fight against dog consumption. When the dog meat trade was outlawed in Thailand, the dogs of the slaughterhouses in the area were released.

Fast forward to the present time … about 500 dogs scattered over a 90-mile radius needing daily care. 2017 proved to be a turning point for The Sound of Animals with the building of Blue Dream shelter and the intention to establish a foundation so that the work of the last decade can carry on into the future with the same emphasis on care and love for the many ex-slaughterhouse survivors and their descendants and to continue the fight against the Dog Meat Trade in neighbouring Cambodia.

Blue Dream shelter is a place where the dogs can finally be safe from abuse, accident and most importantly, from the Dog Meat Trade (being so close to the Thai/Cambodian border). The shelter will make it possible to treat and contain diseases and allow for a sterilisation plan to be executed. This will see the beginning of all donations being chanelled into more work and rescue in the Dog Meat Trade in Cambodia, instead of feeding a growing population of strays and abandoned dogs. The Sound of Animals pledge to continue to provide for all the dogs in our care and to work to reduce the Dog Meat Trade in Cambodia and the region.

Our Philosophy

The overarching philosophy of The Sound of Animals is rooted in the well-being of all animals in our care including survivors of the Dog/Cat Meat Trade and extending kindness and support to all people involved in our shared vison and to the less privileged in our community.

Humanity is all-encompassing : This is the reason we invest in the youth of today who will weave the strands of moral fibre in the society of tomorrow. In doing so, all living creatures including animals and the aged can live in the hope for greater compassion and love.