On the 1st of May The Sound of Animals team set off to a dog slaughterhouse in Chomkechek, Cambodia. Michael Chour was able to negotiate with the owners for a dog to be rescued from the cage. The dog was named Sweety. She was taken to The Sound of Animals small shelter in O Smach, Cambodia until she could be moved to our main shelter in Ban Kraut, Thailand.

Sweety was not the only one saved during this rescue we also managed to take a puppy that was going to be killed that night. He was named Leo and resides at Blue Dream Shelter in Ban Kraut, Thailand.

The philosophy behind our Cambodian work is firmly anchored on our belief that the greatest change can only come about through collaboration instead of opposition, through understanding of and respect for cultural differences instead of intolerance.

In all our rescue attempts, our intentions are made transparent to the slaughterhouses. We do not buy any dogs. We use our funds instead to finance operation costs and the after-care of those we rescue.

“The little dog shrank into the farthest corner of her cage, petrified of everything and everyone.”

The Dodo
Elizabeth Claire Alberts

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