11th January 2018: Siem Reap Slaughterhouse Rescue

This video documents that rescue operation carried out by The Sound of Animals on 11th January 2018 from a slaughterhouse in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

3 dogs were removed from the slaughterhouse cage. In addition to this, 4 other dogs were loaded into our carriers. All 7 dogs were then transported to Blue Dream Shelter. Amongst them was a pregnant female who was to have her babies 3 days later.

We are happy to report that all 12 are doing well and receiving all necessary healthcare.

The philosophy behind our Cambodian work is firmly anchored on our belief that the greatest change can only come about through collaboration instead of opposition, through understanding of and respect for cultural differences instead of intolerance.

In all our rescue attempts, our intentions are made transparent to the slaughterhouses. We do not buy any dogs. We use our funds instead to finance operation costs and the after-care of those we rescue.

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