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Rescuing dogs from
the horrific dog meat trade

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Blue Dream shelter will be
a safe haven for the abused and abandoned.

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When you choose to donate you allow us to continue our work. You become a part of our mission.
You save lives.


Our Cambodian mission is to change the minds and hearts of those who participate in the dog meat trade. All the while saving as many dogs as we can from the horrific cruelty.


Blue Dream shelter was once a dream. But now it is becoming a reality and a safe haven for our dogs.


When you sponsor one of our dogs you save a life. Their daily feedings, monthly vaccines, medical care are all possible because of you.

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“When Michael Chour gazed down through the bars of the pit, he felt sick. At the bottom of the pit were eight dogs — filthy, skinny and completely terrified.”

The Dodo
Elizabeth Claire Alberts